Hopefully, that helps you make a bit more sense of key signatures. I’ll be adding to this post soon going over the other key signatures plus the different clefs like the alto and tenor clef.

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Overall response of the BOP to seal the annulus after being activated at 2141 hrs was slow. It is likely that about ten minutes following closure of the annulus flow of hydrocarbons would have stopped had the explosion not occurred.


Five worksheets for key signatures, order of sharps and flats pdf & digital

Limited hazardous area classifications of the rig shows gas enveloped non-protected areas including the aft deck which contained the air intakes to the main engine rooms. The blast vector diagram shows the location of the 17 injured crew members at the time of the explosions.

Gas cloud reached supply air intakes to engine room. HVAC did not automatically shut down. Limited areas of vessel were designated electrical class 1 division 1 zones.


The real time data during the final 35 minutes before power was lost shows that drill pipe pressure and corresponding response actions taken during the well event. Note 8 shows diversion to the MGS at 2142 and activation of the BOP annular preventer, note 9 at 2144 hrs.

Leakage of the annular preventer caused spacer fluid to move into the kill line. This could have caused a blockage of the line and isolated the kill line from the drill pipe pressure.


Diversion of the flow to the MGS separator began at 2142 hrs, crew has the option of diverting flow overboard. Note that the liquid outlet from the MGS goes to the mud system located inboard under the main deck.

The investigation team determined that the annulus barrier failed to prevent hydrocarbons from migrating into the wellbore. Analysis identified a probable technical explanation for the failure and also includes the non technical interactions between BP and Halliburton personnel specifically shortcomings in the planning, design, execution and confirmation of the cement job which reduced the prospects for a successful cement barrier.


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These major keys share the same notes as major scales. It is a good idea to look at the first line of a song, before the time signature, to see what key the song is in. This will help indicate which notes will be most present in the song.

Key Finding 1 The annulus cement barrier did not isolate the reservoir hydrocarbons. The recommended foam slurry cement was a complex design. There was risk of contamination, no fluid loss additives were used. The pre-job cement lab testing was inadequate. The foam slurry was unstable and likely resulted in nitrogen breakout. A cement bond log was not performed.


During a well control event rapid response is critical. The rig crew diverted hydrocarbons coming through the riser inboard to the MGS. Diversion of the hydrocarbons overboard could have prevented high concentrations of flammable gases from entering the rig.

After checking the key signature (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=8419), there are two more places to look to find clues about the key. You need to look at the harmony, and the melody.


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A table of the dates and times of key events in the timeline of the Deep Water Horizon, Macondo Well Accident. Notice two entries on the timeline, on 5:08 pm the drill pipe pressure increased from 273 to 1250 psi in 6 minutes indicating a significant change in down hole conditions, 4 hours and 45 minutes later at 9:45 pm the well blew out followed by two explosions, loss of power and fire. The semisubmersible sunk two days later at 10:22 AM.

Hence, every key has its signature, which is determined by the number of sharps and flats in that key

Well monitoring is critical to understanding well losses and gains. The Driller assisted by the Mud logger is responsible for monitoring and shutting in the well.


Working out the Key

It is a good idea to memorize these keys and to know exactly what accidentals each contains. There is a really easy little rhyme to help you remember this. First, remember that C major has no sharps or flats.

The Components Of A Key

Key Finding 2 the shoe track barriers did not isolate the hydrocarbons. A mechanical barrier failure enabled hydrocarbons to enter the wellbore.


The key signatures tells the musician which sharps and flats are to be played throughout the piece of music

Fluid returns, pressure and flow indicators must be monitored continuously to detect influx into the wellbore. The rig crew did not recognize significant indications of influx during displacement of the mud by seawater.

Actions To Prevent Recurrence 1/31/2021 Deep Water Horizon Accident Investigation Report 84

Top orange line is the real time drill pipe pressure available to the crew. Between 2100 and 2115 hours the drill pipe pressure continued to increase indicating flow into the well. Notice the gap between the blue and the green line between 2108 and 2110. Flow out (green line) exceeded flow in (blue line) and continued after pumps were shut down indicating a 39 bbl increase in the drill sting. This is an abnormal signature and indicated flow into the well.


I will briefly review the basic concept of a key signature before I go on

The mud gas separator is a low pressure system designed for normal drilling operations. It has a 14” inflow line from the Riser Diverter, a 12” gas outlet line, a 10” liquid outlet line to the mud system, 6” relief line set at 15 psi and a 6” vacuum breaker line. The vacuum breaker line vents down onto the main drilling platform under the derrick.

Keep continuing around the circle until it starts over at C major again, back at the top of the circle. You will notice that there are three keys in the circle that have two different names. B is the same as Cb. F# is the same as Gb and C# is the same as Db. These are known as enharmonic keys (they sound the same, but are notated differently). In a practical situation you would use B instead of Cb as it is easier to think of 5 sharps rather than 7 flats. Also you would use Db instead of C#, because it is better to think of 5 flats instead of 7 sharps. Since F# and Gb have an equal number of sharps and flats, either can be used. C# and Cb are considered more "theoretical" keys than actual usable keys, so you will rarely see them.

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A key signature can be used instead of using accidentals

Automatic Mode Function (AMF) would have been met shortly after the explosion with loss of electric and hydraulic power. It is likely that the AMF sequence failed because of two unrelated failure in the BOP Control Pods, the blue pod batteries and the yellow pod solenoid valve.


A Review On The Concept Of Key

A negative-pressure test was then conducted. The team concluded that the negative-pressure test results indicated that well integrity had not been established. The situation was not recognized and remedial steps were not taken.

Summary of Key Finding 2. The shoe track had two types of mechanical barriers. Cement in the shoe track and double check valves in the float collar. The shoe track cement failed to act as a barrier due to contamination by break out of nitrogen from the foam slurry. Hydrocarbons bypassed the float collar check valves due to either failure to convert or failure to seal.


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A key signature (https://vgtdecor.ru/content/uploads/files/download/key-signature-lesson-pdf.zip) is a group of sharps or a group of flats that appear at the beginning of a piece of music. The key signatures (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=52) tells the musician which sharps and flats are to be played throughout the piece of music. A key signature can be used instead of using accidentals. To illustrate my point, I will use the scale of D major.