Price: This is the cost (in gold pieces) to purchase the weapon if it’s available for sale. As with magic weapons, a technological weapon can be sold by PCs for half this value.

  • As with magic weapons, a technological weapon can be sold by PCs for half this value
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A rail gun uses gravitons to compress raw metal scrap placed in its sequencing chamber into hyperdense shells that it then accelerates to astounding speed and fires from its electromagnetically charged barrel. The weapon’s rate of fire is slow compared to most other technological weapons, yet its relatively high damage combined with its potential for particularly grisly critical hits makes it a much sought-after weapon for long-range combat. Shots fired from a rail gun bypass an object’s first 10 points of hardness, and can completely penetrate targets without hardness.


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All I'm saying is that it's possible that you could make this on your own. I'm no master programmer but I might look into it.

A monowhip is a deadly melee weapon capable of inflicting horrible wounds, even in the hands of the weak. An inactive monowhip looks like a short metal baton, but when it’s activated, a small weight detaches, revealing a 15-foot-long monofilament length. Wielded like a whip, a monowhip slices deeply into targets and can inflict grievous critical hits with shocking ease. Attacks made with a monowhip resolve as touch attacks, and they ignore hardness as if the monofilament were made of adamantine. A monowhip’s damage cannot be enhanced by strength, as the monofilament slices with equal ease regardless of the force applied. Activating a monowhip is a move action; once activated, the whip consumes power incredibly quickly, at the rate of 1 charge per round.


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An id rifle looks like a sleek, low-caliber rifle made of burnished skymetal. It fires a tiny barb of solid nanites with a range increment of 50 feet. Although this barb does minimal damage on a hit, any creature damaged by an id rifle barb must succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude saving throw or have its central nervous system flooded with nanites that swiftly overwhelm the creature’s brain, reducing its mind to the instinctive level of an animal. The victim takes 1d4 points of Intelligence damage each round, but the total amount of damage taken can never equal the victim’s actual Intelligence score. Each round after the first, the victim can resist the Intelligence damage by succeeding at a DC 16 Fortitude saving throw, at which point the damage ceases. The recurring Intelligence damage automatically ends after 6 rounds. A victim already suffering from the effects of an id rifle who is affected by an additional shot has the save DC increased by 2 per additional shot.


A laser pistol emits a beam of intensely focused light capable of burning anything it strikes. A laser attack can pass through force fields and force effects, such as a wall of force, to strike a foe beyond without damaging that field. Objects like glass or other transparent barriers do not provide cover from lasers—but unlike force barriers, a transparent physical barrier still takes damage from a laser passing through it. Invisible creatures are immune to damage caused by a laser weapon. Fog, smoke, and other clouds provide cover in addition to concealment from laser attacks. Darkness (magical or otherwise) has no effect on lasers other than providing concealment, and though a laser consists of highly focused light, it does not provide any illumination.

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An EMP rifle is a larger, more powerful version of an EMP pistol. It emits a beam of electromagnetic energy that can’t harm living creatures, but deals significant damage to robots. It functions as an EMP pistol except for the differences listed here.


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A nuclear resonator is a bulky weapon that creates a droning shriek when fired—and even when it’s not being fired, it buzzes, whirs, and flashes. The wielder takes a -4 penalty on any Stealth checks made while it is active. It can be powered off completely to negate this penalty; either activating or deactivating is a standard action.

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This weapon uses a sonic amplifier to produce powerful low-frequency blasts of energy that pummel targets. The weapon has a relatively short range, but the fact that it deals nonlethal damage at range and can knock targets prone makes it a favorite for those seeking to capture their foes alive. A hit by a stun gun deals nonlethal damage—on a critical hit, the gun can attempt a free trip combat maneuver check against the target (CMB = user’s base attack bonus + 10); this attempt doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.


An EMP pistol emits a beam of electromagnetic energy that cannot harm living creatures, but deals terrible damage to robots. An EMP pistol can harm androids and creatures with cybernetic implants, but they take half damage from a hit. A creature that is critically hit by an EMP pistol and takes damage from that hit must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save or be staggered for 1d4 rounds.

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An x-laser is a super-charged laser with devastating effects. It fires a highly focused, incredibly powerful beam of high-frequency light. An x-laser’s beam functions as a laser rifle’s beam, but it bores holes through any creature or object it damages. The beam is stopped if it cannot penetrate the hardness, fire resistance, or fire immunity of a barrier or creature. When making an attack with an x-laser, make a single attack roll and compare that result to the ACs of all creatures in a line extending out to the weapon’s maximum range. This weapon damages all targets with an AC equal to or lower than the attack roll. The hole created by an x-laser is less than an inch in diameter and serves primarily as evidence of the weapon’s discharge rather than significantly altering an object’s structural integrity beyond the damage the laser blast deals as part of the attack.

That policy has not been applied before, with other unreleased or limited release sets listed on the website. There is some confusion around the meaning of the word ‘released’ here, as the LEGO Group is claiming not to have released the set; yet the company has to some extent, as a number of retailers are selling the copies they have received.

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Craft: This is the Craft DC required to create the weapon. It is also the Knowledge (engineering) DC to correctly identify the weapon.


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Automatic: This weapon can act as a semi-automatic weapon (see below), or it can fire a burst of shots with a single pull of the trigger to attack all creatures in a line. This line starts from any corner of the wielder’s space and extends to the limit of the weapon’s range or until it strikes a barrier it cannot penetrate. When using an automatic weapon to attack all creatures in a line, the wielder makes a separate attack roll against each creature in the line. Each creature in the line can be attacked with only one shot from each burst. Each attack roll takes a -2 penalty, and its damage cannot be modified by precision damage or damage-increasing feats such as Vital Strike. Effects that grant concealment, such as fog or smoke, or the blur, invisibility, or mirror image spells, do not affect an automatic weapon’s line attack. Roll to confirm each attack roll that threatens a critical hit separately. A single burst with an automatic weapon consumes 10 charges. When taking a full-attack action with an automatic weapon, the wielder can fire as many bursts in a round as he has attacks, provided he has enough charges to make all of the attacks.

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An id rifle has a microphone built into its stock. During any round in which a creature takes Intelligence damage from an id rifle, as a move action the wielder of that rifle can speak a short command into the microphone. Any applicable target within 50 feet of the wielder must then succeed at a DC 16 Will save to resist following the command, as if under the effect of a suggestion spell. A victim follows only the latest suggestion spoken into the microphone, and abandons any previous suggestion if it fails a saving throw against a new suggestion. A victim continues to follow the suggestion for up to 5 hours after succumbing to its effects.

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An arc pistol emits bolts of ionized particles that it then electrifies, creating a crackling beam of electricity between it and its target. Arc pistols gain a +2 circumstance bonus on attack rolls against targets that are metal or are wearing medium or heavy metal armor.

When making an attack with a rail gun, make a single attack roll and compare that result to the ACs of all creatures in a line extending out to the weapon’s maximum range. This weapon damages all targets with an AC equal to or lower than the attack roll. However, if the attack’s damage fails to penetrate any target’s hardness or damage reduction, this shot is blocked and cannot damage targets that are farther away.


C Semi-automatic, touch TG Two-Handed Ranged Weapons (Firearms) Arc rifle 20,000 gp 1d10 2d6 ×2 150 ft. 20 1 6 lbs. E Automatic, touch TG Autograpnel 4,000 gp 1d6+6 1d8+6 ×3 30 ft. 20 1 10 lbs. P Grapple, slow-firing TG EMP rifle 24,000 gp 2d6 3d6 ×2 150 ft. 20 1 6 lbs. E Automatic, touch TG Gravity rifle 165,000 gp 1d10 2d6 ×2 150 ft. 20 1 6 lbs. Force Automatic, touch TG Id rifle 50,000 gp Special Special ×2 50 ft. 1 nanite canister 1 5 lbs. Special Slow-firing, touch TG Laser rifle 20,000 gp 1d10 2d6 ×2 150 ft. 20 1 6 lbs. F Automatic, touch TG Sonic rifle 26,000 gp 1d10 2d6 ×2 150 ft. 20 1 6 lbs. Sonic Automatic, touch TG Zero rifle 20,000 gp 1d10 2d6 ×2 150 ft. 20 1 6 lbs.

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