NoNameScript brings and gets the best of mIRC by wrapping an impressive set of tools around it while performing some quite welcomed modifications based on the scripting language. This is why it can add newstickers as well as all kinds of channel or personal protections for channels, personal and even exclusions to keep problems off your head. Come to think of it, NoNameScript can easily pass as a must-have for most of mIRC users.

  • Using an IRC client you can exchange text messages
  • What are the correct set of DLLs and placement for SSL support in mIRC on 64 bit Windows
  • Like mIRC, it supports multiple servers, has a great interface and is highly configurable
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  • You can however update to a new mIRC-version afterwards
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  • Comment on MIRC v6.32 Incl KeyMaker and AuthPatch-DVT

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It apparently works with (learn more here) the latest version of mIRC, and has a lot of features, but it seems a bit more "in your face" than NNScript. Apparently "picture windows" are all the rage these days.


Go to Application Add-Ons

Next to your Minecraft profile name, click the link that says "Change". Enter a new name, and confirm the new name by entering your password again.

KVIrc is a popular free IRC Client with a visual interface. It is included in several Linux-distributions, but versions for other OS are also available. KVIrc has the same features as most IRC Clients, like support for SSL, multiple servers, DCC. The interface also supports emoticons and is highly customizable by installing themes or by writing scripts in KVIrc's own scripting-language.


JmIRC is a small and free IRC Client that can be run on any phone that supports Java. Because of it's limited size, it doesn't have any extra features.

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And the trial of Minecraft Windows 10 Ed worked in my computer. Theres any not-illegal way to claim a copy of it?


I'm thinking of buying a NOD32 License, I used to use v2, it ran out last year. I'm now looking at the new one obviously. I downloaded the trial today, no problems, set everything up fine. I was on IRC while installing it and after it had been installed, again - no problems.

Eu quero ver os erros que você está tendo. Eu já vi a informação sobre o seu computador.


Well I've tried googling all this a few times but to no avail. Decided to get some support from those I presume who know best, so if anyone can shed some light I'd massively appreciate it.

To solve this problem, usually need to update the drivers for your video card, please follow the instructions for your operating system below. If you are having trouble following the instructions below, please see this.


Change YourNick to your usual nick. Where it says <your password here> put your NickServ password.

It tries 3 times to download before the error. Also, the EXE versions cannot connect to the servers and the Firewall isn't blocking Minecraft.


I have found that when I try to launch my game it does not actually launch. I'll go into further detail once I get a response.

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I pulled the map down, deleted entities in MCEDit, and now the server works. I'm just interested in if it's a 1/11/1 bug/thing or just random unluckyness?


Glesius mirc with crack

The IRC Clients listed below are all decent IRC Clients. It is up to you choose one that fits your needs.

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  • Come to think of it, NoNameScript can easily pass as a must-have for most of mIRC users
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I had a problem when I first loaded it up a couple times aswell. I was wondering if anything was wrong, and if there is or isnt what I should do. I got the dxdiag report.


Allows Any one to setup a Bouncer to a ftp server. Uses, mask the real identity of a ftp server, provide link over lans running NAT or etc.

I even verified it with (why not check here) my friends. It works for them but I can't reach them right now so I came here.


Now let's say we want to include the name of our bundle in the CTCP VERSION reply. In this circumstance, we aren't trying to steal credit from the developers of mIRC, hell we'll even for example name it: "mIRC v7/19 Khaled Mardam-Bey [NoNameScript bundle]".

Now the script will join your channels

Mobile phones have different operating systems, so they also require different IRC Clients. Mobile IRC Clients are mostly limited in their capabilities and are therefor not really suited for extended use.


Usually happens after a player teleports. Entities spike to 35k then will sometimes crash the server.

It takes a few hours to contact them, we all are different timezones. Thanks, I tried getting a new name, but didn't work.


A preconfigured mIRC client is almost the same as a normal mIRC (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=204) client. It is, however, already out of the box configured to connect to our IRC network and use it there. This makes sure you can enjoy a rather painless and easy way to get on our network.

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We have more to do in this section than the other. First, we need to connect to the first server.


You see that the official manufacturer is selling it for $200 which includes support, multiplayer, and all the nigty things. Then you go to the bad part of town in a alley and buy a car that was stolen for $150.

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It supports SSL, IPv6, multiple connections, DCC, theming, etc. Konversation is also scriptable using shell scripts and includes support for aliases and an action system for automatic events. Like all other major IRC Clients, it supports SSL, IPv6 and DCC.

Chatzilla is an addon for Mozilla-based browers, like Mozilla Firefox. It is a small and easy IRC Client for new users that contains some basic IRC-functions, like multiple connections, DCC, theming. It is also scriptable using JavaScript. Experienced and advanced users will find this IRC Client unsatisfying compared to the bigger IRC Clients.


Benefits of Google Drive

You need to put this code into the scripts editor and close it before connecting to the IRC. If you were already connected to IRC, you will need to disconnect and reconnect for this script to become active. To modify the CTCP replies, modify the contents between the two ;######### strings to your liking. With a small touch of logic, you can add handling for further CTCP actions to add replies for.

Update 16/02/2021 Adjusted due to comments on "/dec" being used by mIRC. Thanks to Yawhatnever for pointing this out.


WLM Tray Patch 2.1 Free Download Page

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