You can only use them with a hack actually. There's the Too Many Accounts one where it allows you to change some popular weapons skins such as AK-47, AWP etc, I recommend you to use it but be careful, I'm not responsible if you got a VAC-ation for cheating.

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The Forbidden Jungle is quick phased and low, medium-level dungeon. This dungeon was intended for medium level players to complete and is dropped by dropped by the Great Coil Snake in the Mid-Lands.

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Mixcoatl the Masked God is the boss of the Forbidden Jungle. He is found in a large plain area, in middle of four turret-like pillars, the Boss Totems, that shoot projectile known as the Totem Fire Wall.

HLTV's Benchmark: Monitors average fps during the provided demo (A guy playing dust2 DM against bots for 60 seconds at x2 speed). The results of this test should be accurate to your actual MM/DM game performance, which is what matters.


Just make sure you can aim and this program rocks for 3 shot burst, and with the m4a1 it's amazing. Being as m4a1 has good recoil and spread on the first 2-4 shots.

ULLeticaL's Benchmark: Loads a custom map and forces your POV at different light/intense-physics and lots of other mechanics, it goes from 1 physic/mechanic to the next. However it isnt an accurate representation of a real game; having tried this test on different setups ive found that low end-results are not indicative of bad performance in real games (MM/DM), nonetheless it can still give useful information for diagnostic purposes.

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Honestly it doesn't even affect your screen. Go turn it on and spray a wall with 3-4 shots. They go in a better small controlled group than with it off. I have a server where I know admins, they spec me for a while no one said shit. I was almost 4:1 kd, with an ak. It does work, and honestly I like it better on. Adjusting + and - does not work though. It only turns on or off in reality.

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