I thought that I might be gay or something because I couldn't identify with any of the guys at all. None of them liked art or music. They just wanted to fight and get laid.

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Reddit user 1jl noted this in their popular Reddit post, "Dear Mojang. Please remove feeding chocolate to birds to make them breed. Millions of kids will play this game.

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Whilst performing at a No On 9 benefit, (supporting defeating of Measure 9 an anti-homosexuality measure that said homosexuality was “abnormal, wrong, unnatural and perverse and they are to be discouraged and avoided”) he was approached by a kid that suggested he and Guns and Roses patch thing up. He responded with, “No, kid, you’re really wrong. Those people are total sexist jerks, and the reason we’re playing this show is to fight homophobia in a real small way. The guy is a fucking sexist and a racist and a homophobe, and you can’t be on his side and be on our side.


The late Kurt Cobain was surprisingly, an avid member of the feminist community. Here are some of his links to activism and his ties to the feminist agenda.

Not redeemable as far as I’m concerned. I mean, classism is determined by sexism because the male decides whether all other isms still exists (sic).


Planting althea in the open

As is the box set With The Lights Out. Luckily, most of the songs had previously been bootlegged and so the bootlegged versions don't suffer from this issue.

Likewise, "In Bloom", despite being allegedly inspired by Kurt's friend and fellow musician Dylan Carlson, is arguably more about thugs who like Nirvana's music, but stand for everything Kurt hated. He also expressed a fear of the image of a yuppie singing along to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in his BMW.


He’s dealing with people who like his band who he despises. For instance, a girl was raped in Reno.

It is somehow appropriate that Madonna’s new company, Maverick, was the first to be interested in signing Courtney Love to a major record deal. In mid-1991, Guy Oseary, an enthusiastic nineteen-year-old who was working for Madonna and her manager, Freddy De Mann, at their then unnamed company, told his bosses about Hole.


His progressive beliefs put him at odds with Guns and Roses, Axl called him a ‘pussy’ for not agreeing to tour with him. Kurt says he didn’t agree to tour with him because he believed him to be a racist homophobe referring to lyrics in his song ‘one in a million’ where he says “niggers and police” and “immigrants and faggots” and in ‘It’s so easy’ where he sings “Turn around bitch, I got a use for you”.

Though there are suggestions that Kurt meant to say the modern meaning of the word. Being well-read as he was, it's unlikely that he didn't know the double meaning, so he likely wanted to sneak in a pun here.


Kurt Cobain- The Feminist

Cobain read about this in a newspaper, probably the Spokesman-Review, and was evidently so bothered by the events that he wrote a song. When asked about it, he simply said, "It's an anti-rape song.

Vocal cover by EXTRINITI

Kurt has disappeared into the bedroom, and Courtney goes to answer it. “Hi, Dave,” she says. It is Dave Grohl, the drummer in Nirvana.


And that kind of fame can really mess with your head. Rather than, say, Paula Abdul fame.

Goldston later told me how nervous everyone in the band was when they came out to play; they’d never managed to do a complete run through of the entire set. But their unease wasn’t evident that evening, nor can you really sense it on the later recordings. The down time between songs felt relaxed, the band members chatting among themselves and joking with the audience; one such exchange led to a brief jam on “Sweet Home Alabama,” to our collective amusement.


She fought off and would kill slave catchers with a knife. The slur for slave catcher was used and the phrase was born.

They are both silent a few minutes. Kurt looks so tired he seems to be asleep with his eyes open.


Like this #polly video by #nirvana and subscribe to the channel for more videos in the future

Charles Bradley - who'd never heard the original - delivers a steamy, soul number that will have you clicking DL in seconds. As a Daptone label project - and in the age of Saadiq and Barkley - it could be called "revivalist", save for the fact that Bradley was born in '48 and knows this sound intimately. This will no doubt be heard in wider circles and will be perhaps the most talked-about version on this record.

'Minecraft' is changing to make sure kids don't kill their birds in real life

Maybe I selected "Polly" because as I typed this up, news outlets were chirping non-stop about the ratings bonanza to come from "new details" as told by another abduction, rape and torture victim, Jaycee Lee Dugard, whose kidnapping by Phillip Craig Garrido, occurred in June of '91, three months before Nevermind was released. Ms. Dugard's ordeal lasted 18 years until she was rescued in 2009. By way of oddball trivia, it was a 27-year span between a prior abduction by Phillip Craig Garrido and the abduction of Dugard.

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It’s a lot harder for monsters to hide. One of the necessary casualties of progress is a war against vestige emblems of the old, bad culture.

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Etymology polly wants a cracker

I don’t know much about Kashmir. What I’m trying to say is that I can’t speak on the conditions creating the conflict. But reading about the hot afternoon protests and the armed guards walking the streets stuck a knot in my head.


2 thoughts on “THE BEST REISSUES OF 2021: Nirvana’s Televised Swan Song”

I studied it. I learned a lot. I’d grown up with no discipline and I learned a lot about denial.

In an interview Kurt describes an encounter he had with Axl where Courtney jokingly asked Axl to be the god father of, then nine month old, Frances. He turned around and told her “shut the fuck up bitch” and instructed Kurt to “shut her up”. Cobain then told the reporter he had not encountered a situation like that since the sixth grade.


In the past, I always forgave her, but I can’t anymore. Last night, I had a dream that I killed her.

All this would be perfect, except for the drugs. Twenty different sources throughout the record industry maintain that the Cobains have been heavily into heroin.


Following extensive tours and the 1992 compilation album Incesticide and EP Hormoaning, the band released their highly anticipated third studio album, In Utero (1993). The album topped both the US and UK album charts, and was acclaimed by critics. Nirvana (see it here) disbanded following Cobain's suicide in April 1994. Various posthumous releases have been overseen by Novoselic, Grohl, and Cobain's widow Courtney Love.

Following Straight to Hell, Courtney decided to (briefly) abandon her musical aspirations and concentrate on acting. She took the $20,000 that she’d been paid, moved out of Jennifer’s house, rented an apartment, and bought a pink Chanel suit.


Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way

This song is about the actual kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl. In 1987, she was returning from a concert in Tacoma, Washington when she was abducted by a man named Gerald Friend. He took her back to his mobile home and raped her. The girl, whose name was not released, was tortured with a whip, a razor, and a blowtorch. She managed to escape when Friend took her for a ride and stopped for gas. He was arrested and sent to jail.

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Courtney is extremely possessive about this style statement—she is currently in a war with her erstwhile friend Kat Bjelland because of a borrowed velvet dress. Or, at least, that’s what started it.


Cobain was perfect by no means, but he did contribute to feminism in a great many ways. Since Kurt Cobain’s suicide we are left to wonder what effect he could have had on today’s sexism. With his undeniable ‘cool’ factor, could he have inspired more men to identify themselves as feminists? Unfortunately, we will never know. On the upside, his widow Courtney Love has talked seriously about producing a film about Kurt’s troubled life. Maybe some of his activism will show up on the silver screen soon. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Unintelligible: When "Weird Al" Yankovic approached the band, about making a parody of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (as "Smells Like Nirvana (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=9410)"), Kurt Cobain inquired if it would be centered about food. When Weird Al answered that it would be about Kurt's Indecipherable Lyrics, due to his singing, he was immediately given the green-light.


The NUT is Cracked; Revisited

The song was hastily written during the Nevermind sessions, when another track was needed to fill out the album; Cobain even mocks his made-to-order craftsmanship in his lyric (“One more special message to go/And then I’m done and I can go home”). Almost breezy on Nevermind, it’s far more plaintive in its Unplugged incarnation.

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A lot of people mistake that shyness for a lack of confidence, but he does know his own mind. When Courtney showed up I think he was attracted to her flamboyance. She was very sexual and I think she just took him over.

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I think about cool, running water. The weight of the world is a river stone.


In any case, Clive Davis, president of Arista Records, reportedly offered a million dollars to sign the band. Rick Rubin, head of Def American, was interested, but he and Courtney clashed when they met.

Where the Phrase “Polly Wants a Cracker” Came From

Rockers Smash Guitars: Kurt loved doing this. At times extending to the drums or amps.


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I’d strip at Jumbo’s Clown Room. Or I’d work in the day at the Seventh Veil.

Rock cover by Extriniti

Odd Friendship: At the height of the backlash surrounding "Achy Breaky Heart". Cobain met and struck a friendship with country star Billy Ray Cyrus, quipping something like, "Congratulations on getting the whole world to hate you". This is ironic considering the backlash Cyrus' daughter (a Nirvana (try these out) fan) received in 2021 from some rock purists for covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in concert. Krist Novoselic did defend and support Miley for her cover, though.