Arguably the best-produced album in all of ’08, this album also demonstrated how conceptual this young emcee can be as well. There wasn’t one single flaw on here except that you wished there were more tracks to vibe to.

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Despite its focus on social justice, the Rhythm Nation album had a few lighter moments, epitomised by the aptly-titled “Escapade,” a carefree love song driven by a chugging steam-hammer of a backbeat. Like the earlier “When I Think Of You,” it showed that Janet Jackson could make buoyant crossover pop without sacrificing her R&B credibility. The song topped both the pop and R&B singles charts in the US.


Over some of the best Kanye production ever heard, Common found his fire again and his love for the game in what can be described as the spirit of Illmatic all over this record. Stellar tracks like “The Food”, “The Corner”, and “Go” are classic Common with new passion and a b-boy’s heart. Up until last year, there wasn’t an album on this Hip Hop earth that touched this album in all of its purity and its back to basics approach to presenting quality Hip Hop. Not only does this stand as his best work ever, but also as one of Hip Hop’s all-time greatest prizes.

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Rat Scabies: Well I took some LSD with these people I didn’t know and they tried to kill me with knives. Luckily, they realized I should just go. I walked home with this feeling of survival. There was a poster of Pete Townsend above my bed and I put on “Tommy” quietly because my parents were asleep. I lay on my bed and waited for the acid to wear off. Then Pete walked out of the poster and played for me in my room. As the music reached a crescendo, he jumped in the air and his head fell off. That’s when the horror of what had happened sunk in.


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This album from one of the most complete emcees in the game, Royce Da 5’9″, serves as one of the moments that served well. Recorded during a very dark and depressing period in his life, being heavy into alcoholism and occasional suicidal thoughts, this album, saw Royce at his his most angry and bleak.

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Never decreasing their musical integrity, they trademarked this head-banging, gun-clapping, riotous style that made them champions in the underground, in spite of them being on a major label for years. They hit pay dirt with Warriorz, which became their highest-selling album thanks to their breakout hit “Ante Up” and their follow-up smash “Cold As Ice”.


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Music, thus finally bringing his art to the world on a grand scale. This is where his madness was polished beyond Company Flow.

In fact, it’s possible this may be the most complete double album in over a decade in Hip Hop

The beautiful name of Ines evokes a sense of calm, along with a feeling of power. It is the perfect name for so many adorable baby girls. Ines is a Greek name meaning "pure, holy, and island".


Without a ton of promotion except a video of him going back to Fayetteville to let us in his world, the album dropped with no radio single at the time, but managed to go gold within a week and platinum in under a month. Even more astonishing, there were no substantial features. This album put him as an official leader of the new school of honest, personal, and intelligent emcees in the game.

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His debut, Shadows On The Sun, is one of the most landmark albums in all of the underground to this day. He followed up with Champion EP and The Undisputed Truth, which were both equally as exceptional (see all three later).


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PKM: I remember listening to this thing as a kid on the radio. It was a vintage ‘70s taping of the Rodney Bingenheimer’s radio show and he was talking to Debbie Harry and the Damned at the same time.

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Tracks like “Livin In The New World”, “False Media”, and the astonishing “Clock With No Hands” showed that their focus was opening the ears of their fans on a conscious matter more so than in times not since Illadelph Halflife. Plus the Dilla tribute “Can’t Stop This” is just beyond words. Definitely in their top five ever.


His fourth album, Like Water For Chocolate, was an extraordinary album from an extraordinary emcee. This was the most mature-sounding we had heard from Common and once “The Light” dropped, he went to the moon with his first platinum album.

With pressures from fans to deliver a sequel, he finally did so in ’09, and the results were amazing. It’s damn near impossible to recover the magic of an exceptional classic debut.


Jermaine Cole, has been on a roll since his great debut, Cole World: The Sideline Story, and his equally dope follow-up, Born Sinner. However, he reached a whole new level of stardom and acclaim with his most poignant and ambitious effort yet in 2021 Forest Hills Drive.

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Your little girl is certainly a sweet valentine! Even if your cutie pie is not born anywhere near Valentine’s Day, you can still use this well known, yet rare, baby girl name. Valentina is rising on the charts but is still not at the top. That is not going to last long at all! This name is all kinds of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Valentina is of Latin origin and means "healthy and strong". It is a perfect fit for your little sweetheart.

A masterwork to say the least, this is a brilliant conceptual piece that will stand the test of time throughout the years and decades of Hip Hop. Touching into not just Hip Hop but the Black experience as a whole, cuts like “How Much A Dollar Cost” and “Mama” are jarring and sobering looks at a society that he’s passionate about saving but views himself as a failure along the way.


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Tip showed that he still had that abstract flow that made him one of Hip Hop’s most cherished artists. Not to mention, he’s one of Hip Hop’s most innovative products. Both talents were exquisitely shown on this flawless album that deserved all the praise it got and deserves even more.

However, the one anomaly I took notice of is how “Lil Boy” was a good track on its own, but I’m not sure it fits with the rest of the project theme-wise (https://vgtdecor.ru/hack/?patch=844). Nonetheless, His Glory Alone is both an album I can proudly bump for my hip hop head friends, and my mom. It’s a big feat to be able to live in both camps comfortably. This album is KB at his true self, sharing the highs and lows of his life and pointing to God through it all.


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It’s impressive to choose to creatively go this direction and come at it as tough as he is. He’s breathing life into these old praise songs, dusting them off, and holding them up for his audience to see like he’s proud of them. It feels like the warm embrace needed in the middle of the divisiveness of this year.

Music and he dropped the album of his career, BE (see later). After the almost Illmatic-esque praise of that album, he wanted to do it again with Finding Forever.


If there was a dream team collaboration, it was Dilla and Madlib. This would be the first of two genre-changing collabos from Madlib (see later).

It was her collaboration with 9th Wonder, however, that her skills were placed over some of the most soulful and acclaimed beats of her career. The album, a tour de force of an album by the way, is a fantastic example of ability to cut right to your throat with her rhymes, while still managing not to take herself too seriously at times, especially on the Phonte-assisted “The Time Is Now”.


Rat Scabies and The Holy Grail

A unique name that may be just what you are looking for is the gorgeous name of Svana. Svana is a rare name, at least around here. The name comes from Iceland where it means "the elements of swan and battle".

It’s no secret that Lupe Fiasco’s debut, Food & Liquor, was among the most revered debuts in any era of Hip Hop. Could he redo that acclaim with his sophomore album, The Cool?


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I never thought the Damned would last more than six months. All this short hair, fitted trousers, and fast music. I never saw it dethroning Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I thought Rat Scabies is a great name because everyone remembers it but then after the band goes south, I would get rid of the name and go back to Chris Millar.

Music was FAR and away his best project ever in his solo career. In the same rebellious attitude that made classics like AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and Fear Of A Black Planet so landmark, this is Mike’s solo magnum opus.


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Rat Scabies: Debbie was always totally cool with me. I always liked her. She would load the equipment in the back of her car and take it to gigs.

The legendary UGK dropped their final album together with Pimp C being alive. This double album was a great introduction to new fans of Texas’ finest.


Janet Jackson’s transformation from a demure ingénue into a sassy sex kitten came about through her alliance in Minneapolis with ex-Time members Jimmy “Jam” Harris and Terry Lewis during 1985, when they recorded her third A&M album, Control. This was her debut hit from the album: Jackson’s purported response to the break-up of her marriage with James DeBarge. Sonically, it’s a throbbing chunk of propulsive techno-funk boasting an infectious chorus and garnished with slivers of jazzy piano.

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He’s got something to say, and he’s really leaning into the vocals whether he’s spitting or singing. The bars come and go so quickly and everything is so sonically large it’s hard for me to catch everything getting thrown at me. The beat is changing textures as it progresses, adding trumpets, and a wall of vocals at the end.


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In 2021, she dropped Beauty & Da Beast, and it continued the steady momentum that she had been building. Compared to greats like MC Lyte and Rah Digga, and being the only one who could hang with King Kendrick on his genre-changing album, To Pimp A Butterfly, her star appeal is growing and growing and growing.

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How do you follow-up a classic like Supreme Clientele (see later)? Ghostface came with an answer in the form of Bulletproof Wallets. While not as musically astonishing as the prior, this still holds its own.

Every song is highly gripping as he deals with his demons and failed relationships. This was the album we had been waiting on from him in terms of quality, we just wished it wasn’t worthy of a therapist chair.


What hasn’t been said about Minneapolis’ Brother Ali positively? He has presented some of the breathtaking albums of any artist ever in Hip Hop, whether mainstream or underground.

Fresh from Orange County, NY came a very talented, albeit mentally problematic and addicted, emcee. The former Smut Peddler member delivered his prodigious debut album, the very visual Movies For The Blind, to great reviews.


For an alternative, Ines can be spelled Inez, which is of Spanish origin. Actress Blake Lively named her daughter Inez. Grab this name- either spelling- before it gets too hot because this one is certain to climb the charts!

His instrumental album, Donuts, is considered the end-all-be-all of Hip Hop instrumental albums to this day

Lyrically, Jeff Mangum imagines ghosts and circus freaks and Jesus Christ dancing around burning Nazi propaganda, and the damaged sonic treatment furthers the vision; those horns on “Holland, 1945” sound like an imaginary Dr. Seuss-drawn instrument realized. But the most mythical character to develop from In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is Mangum himself, who avoided the limelight for a half decade following the album’s release. Today, Mangum has risen, and his fans are so obsessive that the man can go out for coffee and the blogosphere blows up with sighting reports.


Not only did the band possess a lyrical and musical integrity that was frequently and unsuccessfully imitated for over a decade, but its members genuinely meant every word of their politically charged content, having been exposed firsthand to the corruption of the powers that be during their lives. The quartet’s self-titled debut demonstrates why they’re such a potent force: Tom Morello’s inventive technique pushed the limits of what a guitar could do, and Zack de la Rocha’s revolutionary leftist views produced some of the most scathing lyrics in any genre of music.

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He wanted to follow that up with A Long Hot Summer, which serves as a sequel and it served well. You can visualize a trip through Brooklyn streets in the hot summer day of a young up-and-coming emcee (this is the character he plays). The production was every bit as fire as the first, and every bit as lyrical. That’s how you show these trend-following young bucks out here. Be an artist with some thinking abilities.


Regarded as the Kanye of the underground (beat-wise), Odd made an album that defined the hustlers work towards being the best as what he does in such a relatable fashion. Crafting some of the best production he has ever done, this cat won’t be slept on too much longer.

On his tenth album, Life Is Good, he continues to prove his worth over nice tracks like “You Wouldn’t Understand”, “The Don”, and “Roses”. Overcoming saddening events such as the passing of his mother to his divorce from Kelis, this album was an affirmation of him being the true don of Hip Hop.


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In between her Rhythm Nation and janet albums, Jackson duetted with silky-voiced soul crooner Luther Vandross on this upbeat Jam & Lewis-helmed tune, which was taken from the soundtrack to the film Mo’ Money, a comedy starring siblings Damon and Marlon Wayans. The tune was co-written by Jackson’s producers with former New Edition members Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe (then two-thirds of the group Bell Biv DeVoe) and was nominated for a Grammy. It also spent a week at the top of the US R&B charts.

Ghost found his lyrical niche, as he was at his lyrically dexterous best. Just as much, the story is also about the impeccable production. Each cut is distinct and carried a Wu signature with it, but even we weren’t prepared for the most bizarre yet brilliant use of a scratched record ever done, as evidenced on “Strokes Of Death”.


This catchy dance number – which samples disco group Change’s 1980 hit “The Glow Of Love” – was the first single and title song from Janet’s double-platinum 2001 album. Its bright and optimistic tone was indicative of the album’s lighter mood compared with the darker hues that characterised her controversial previous album, The Velvet Rope. It also illustrated Jackson’s willingness to experiment and take creative risks.

Rat Scabies: They are quite remarkable because they do what they do purely for the moment. It’s not, “Oh my god, I haven’t written a part for this yet.


Rat Scabies: No. I came around to thinking that’s bad karma. If you can get the things you need in life, then it shouldn’t be at anyone else’s expense.

Every so often, a concept album comes along that completely makes you reevaluate the state of Hip Hop. An album that is so brilliantly put together and it gives you hope that there are artists that actually care to think and give you new creative albums designed to shake the stagnation up.


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We saw there was a ton of depth within Mr. Mathers and while we were occasionally uncomfortable with the ride, none of us can say the ride wasn’t worth it all. Conceptually, is there a better song than “Stan”? Let’s not even mention that this is one of the biggest-selling Hip Hop albums of all-time.

Loyal Til The End – I love how these tracks haven’t been formulaic. KB hasn’t built any two songs the same way on this entire record and it’s refreshing. Jon Keith is on the second verse and does his thing. He didn’t just phone that in either, switched up the flow twice.


One of the grand vets of this game resurfaced in ’01 with what can only be described as a realistic conceptual album. He plays a guy that just got out of jail and returns home in Brooklyn to find out how crazy the streets have become and enrolls in a school called “The School of Disposable Arts”, which is totally Hip Hop based.

We didn’t think it was possible to outdo their first offering together, but they did. This is even darker and more layered than their unstoppable debut. These guys are angrier, more in-your-face, even more bleak about the future of America and substantially more paranoid.


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Dark Skin – Starts out with an ominous tone. He’s pontificating over the top of a piano with no beat. He’s talking about someone trying to wash the black off of her body.

When Common left Relativity Records for MCA Records, he knew he needed to do a reintroduction of sorts. What we didn’t anticipate what just how much of a stellar breakthrough release this would become. We were first Blessed with the Dilla-crafted “Doinit” and the exquisite Premo-powered “The 6th Sense”, then from that point on, we knew were in for something special, and we got it.


The band already exposes innovative ideas and their own identity here. An essential trip for 70's hard/heavy/stoner/space rock lovers!

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In ’09, he returned with longtime producer Ant (from Atmosphere fame) to present US. Easily comparable to his prior insane releases, this album delivers unabashed lyricism mixed with social commentary on race, struggle and community issues. With this album, his philosophy was simple, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Far and away his greatest project in his over twenty-year career, this album was LOADED with hits, and saw Wayne hit a high he hasn’t regained since. Lyrically, few were even touching him, and his star appeal was enough to hit platinum in a week.

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Featuring stellar background vocals from R&B supergroup Blackstreet, “I Get Lonely” was another example of Jackson’s ability to create immersive storytelling romantic ballads. This time, the music had a gospel undertone and a purer R&B sound. Written by Jackson together with Jam and Lewis, plus her then-husband, René Elizondo, Jr, the tune was the third single from The Velvet Rope and topped the US R&B charts in 1998. Its place among the best Janet Jackson songs was forever assured when it became her 18th consecutive Top 10 US smash, a feat that had never been achieved before by a female recording artist.


The original pressing of this album was even better than the final retail version, complete with tracks like “Sun” and the INCREDIBLE “Good Times” couldn’t get cleared samples. Nevertheless, cuts like “Street Chemistry”, “The Forest”, and “Strawberry” make this album a sincere part of Ghost’s fantastic legacy.

We mourned greatly when we lost Guru, the voice of Gangstarr. While we’re perfectly aware there’s no replacing the legacy of Gangstarr, Premo and Royce Da 5’9′ could very well establish a legacy that’s very similar.


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Music, and it was worth the wait. Still flipping coke rhymes and hustla living, Pusha was secured with excellent production from Kanye, Swizz Beats, Pharrell, and Nottz among others, as well as plenty of guest spots from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and others.

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The notorious Mashed Out Posse folks. These Browsvillains have been making cats bang their heads against the wall since ’94 when they dropped To The Death.


This album still stands as Hi-Tek’s production masterpiece and we got just another example as to why Kweli was one of the game’s most intelligent rhyme animals. This had boom-bap, ol’ school, sensitive poetry and exotic musicianship all in one, and is one of the best albums of any age in Hip Hop.

James Infirmary Blues”—oh, this will also be your debut album. Jack and Meg White — they were married, not siblings, in case you never figured it out— did just that, and undoubtedly succeeded at creating something that was new, yet still rooted in the history of music. The formula was simple: guitar, vocals, drums and sometimes a piano.


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If there a was a beating heart of what Hip Hop represents for us within the culture, Common‘s BE was that beating heart. After his bizarre and critically mixed Electric Circus (recorded during a time where he said he wasn’t a fan of rap at that point and wasn’t listening to it), he got up with Kanye to deliver the album of his career hands down.

Brother Ali‘s Shadows Of The Sun is an exemplary piece of art that is hard to be replicated in today’s overall talentless period of rap. Outstanding doesn’t begin to describe this album, you just have to breathe this album in and exhale the rubbish you’ve been forced to digest. Simply put, this is what Hip Hop sounds like kiddies.


Propelled by a thunderous swing-beat groove and peppered with samples, “Alright” was the fourth single taken from the Rhythm Nation 1814 album. A song about romantic bliss, “Alright” adhered to the formula that defined her Jam & Lewis-era material, welding an irresistible chorus and sweetly harmonized vocals to a pummeling rhythm track.

It wasn’t going to be an easy effort to follow-up the masterpiece that was Shadows On The Sun, but damn it he did and did with authority. Getting back up with Ant for the production of the album, this further showed the sensational talent that Ali possesses and the passion with which he unloads it all.


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Achieving large amounts of radio play with cuts like “Man Of The Year”, “Studio”, and “Collard Greens” and it was enough for him to be nominated for a Grammy. Don’t get it confused: it deserved to be because the album was simply DOPE. He’ll be dropping his new album this year and it’ll be intriguing to see if he can follow up that success.

Cali veteran, and Living Legends member, Murs experienced his first taste of overall critical acclaim with this album collab with producer extraordinaire 9th Wonder. This was nothing short of an incredible album that demonstrating his honest and occasionally vivid rhymes. Who can deny the epic “Walk Like A Man”, as well as “The Rain”, “And This Is For” and “The Animal”?


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I snubbed many bands, thinking they were just a poor ersatz of their past glory and again I was proved wrong. Captain Beyond is not a leftover of Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly but indeed closer to a supergroup.

This DemiGodz member dropped a SICK album in 2006, that was as hard-hitting of a debut as you would find during this time period. With an album filled with vicious, in-your-face lyrics, the Connecticut-native showed the underground that he got next and you better pay attention.


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Definitely more accessible than albums in the past, it was still trademark DOOM. Using outside production from Jake One, Madlib, and Dilla, this was a HOT album.

Tawny is a color, and that is one of the meanings behind this beautifully rare baby girl name. The name is of Irish origin meanings "a green field" and "the warm sandy color of a lion’s coat". Your little lioness is sure to roar with a pretty name like Tawny! Grab it before it gets to the top of the charts because that is exactly where it is headed! This is surely a gorgeous name for your bundle of joy.


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Rat Scabies: No. It was almost like an Andy Warhol art project. You could eat pizza and watch Blondie. You could eat pizza and watch the Dead Boys. You could eat pizza and watch Television.

Rat Scabies: No. I just don’t want to feel like a performing monkey. When you do it the first couple times, it’s exciting because people aren’t expecting it. Then it just becomes a gimmick and I don’t like having to give an audience what they want.


He could fashion effortless stanzas of beauty and precision. But Heard’s magic was much more than facility with words. It encompassed an unrelenting introspection, an uncompromising social criticism, and an unmasked vulnerability that did more than speak from deep wells of universal experience—it encapsulated that experience and gave it a fresh, vital and prescient voice. His work recalls the experience of a previous generation in its first encounter with the early lyrics of Dylan—that of someone who captured how everyone was feeling but couldn’t articulate.

We were all either enamored or in sickening disbelief over the shocking brazenness of OFWGKTA, or Odd Future for short. Led by Tyler The Creator, this collective had some bits of talent, albeit their shock value was more noted than anything else.


Rat Scabies: No, they stabbed the door and the blade came straight through. There were four of us at the house, one I knew and two I didn’t. We took California Sunshine, it was the strongest acid that had ever been around. Then they were rummaging through the drawers and grabbing knives and looked at me and said, “Lets kill him,” and they were laughing. Then one of them tried to take a stab at me. I quickly closed the door between us and they stabbed the door. My friend eventually talked them down. It wasn’t anything personal, that was the strangest part about it, they didn’t even know me.

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Many consider this among the strongest debuts of all-time, and for great reason. This is not only his best album to date, it also became his highest-selling to date as well, selling nearly diamond units. While we’ve seen him come close to this with albums like The Massacre and his most recent Animal Ambition, nothing he has done, or perhaps will ever do, will touch this firestarter.


He returned in 2021, he delivered his best album since The Fix, and showed a Face we truthfully haven’t seen since the nineties. Needless to say, Deeply Rooted was his reintroduction album, yet also reported to be his swan song. If it is, he went out the only way he knows how, like a true G.

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Rat Scabies: What are they doing now? The drummer has a very noisy bass drum pedal. It’s something that the engineer usually gets rid of and it takes a lot of nerve to keep it in. I like the raw quality of it. Grubby records are always the best ones as opposed to over production.


Not since the likes of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu have we seen a sister so important for Hip Hop culture and Blacks as a whole. She may honestly be the best thing you’ve never fully heard, in spite of the fact that she’s been in this game for over a decade.

The 90 Best Albums of the 1990s

In 1996, these beats were unfathomable even from a pioneer who stayed up all hours as a teen building his own synthesizers according to popular legend. In 2021, the only thing unfathomable is that a synthesized artist would cover so much ground on the same record, with EDM Balkanized several times over to the point where James’ progeny Skrillex is considered tastelessly rock ‘n’ roll just for hyperactively mixing and matching.


We Right Here – The gang vocals on “We Right Here” sound like he brought the army back from earlier. He’s coming at the track with charisma and braggadocio because nothing can stop him.

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Say what you will, but Drake has emerged into one of the single biggest stars in all of Hip Hop and in music for that matter. Yeah, he’s an emotional guy that’s caught between wanting to settle down and wanting to sew those 6 god oats. His debut, Thank Me Later, was a rather fly major label introduction to a brand new star in the making. His sophomore album, Take Care, explores all the topics he covered in his debut and magnifies them. Narcissistic at times, introspective at other times, Drake’s expansion reached high levels and earned him a Grammy.


This one will be consisting of the best albums to emerge since the start of the new millennium

He has a wife and three children, one who is involved in the rap game, carrying on with the musical genetics given to him. One recent musical project is called the Mutants, with Chris Constantinou of Adam and the Ants. They invite new members to join for each album and drive the theme towards a certain region. So far they have done London, Tokyo, California, and New York.

Do I really need to go into why this is the best album of the millennium? For that matter, do I even need to state why this is one of the most important albums from this or any genre in the past twenty years? Kendrick officially became the leader of the new generation with this landmark release.


The name Camilla invokes feelings of class and fun. Some people think this name may be slightly old fashioned, but not so anymore! Camilla is a cute name that is gaining more and more popularity. It is a beautiful name that might be the one just for your baby girl.

Top 200 Hip Hop Albums 1980 -

PKM: They say people go crazy living on top of each other in the big city but, if you look at the statistics, most serial killers come from California. There is more sanity in being amongst other people. The key to happiness (for example) is having a social life.


Let’s not even mention that this is one of the biggest-selling Hip Hop albums of all-time

Q-Tip had been getting mixed praise with his solo debut album Amplified. True, there were decent, upbeat tracks that he and Dilla put together and made for a good time. However, there were those people that needed that old Tribe feel. The appetite was more than filled this time around. In short, this was a legitimate classic.

Hip Hop veteran and former Juice Crew member Masta Ace has had a very underrated career. While he has put out some decent albums, he had a career resurgence with the HIGHLY acclaimed underground classic, Disposable Arts (see later). This concept album not only showed that Ace lyrically still had it, it also showed that he knew how important it was to reinvent yourself and make it important and relevant to people with mature ears.


The answer was a resounding yes with his DOPE solo debut, Trill. He then followed with II Trill, but it was third and final album in the Trill series that made the most noise. This particular album stands as his most complete album to date.

The wonderful, complex, and unorthodox world of Daniel Dumille, otherwise known as MF DOOM, is filled with tons of intrigue. In ’99, after years of seclusion after the tragic death of his brother, he resurfaced with an entire new image, complete with a gladiator mask and an obsession with comic villains.


Networking with composer extraordinaire Adrien Younge, the result was an amazing album that showed the awesome chemistry between the two geniuses. This album stands among Ghost’s most outstanding albums, bar none.

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One of the strongest lyrical emcees to emerge from the D is Elzhi. While we got a mainstream taste of his excellent abilities being a part of Slum Village after Dilla left, he had really gotten a buzz from his strong mixtape, Witness My Growth, before he joined the group. When he left SV, he got up with production maestro Black Milk (another Detroit weapon) to give us The Preface.

His debut, Operation Doomsday, was one of the most perplexing, yet fascinating, albums to appear in the entire late nineties. He then went on the adapt two other aliases: King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn.


Completing the thrilling trilogy subjecting around a school theme, Kanye reached another plateau with Graduation. Combining the best of The College Dropout and Late Registration, Graduation saw him reaching back into his backpack and bringing good ol’ soulful Hip Hop.

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However, he went two levels up with his follow-up, Cadillactica. Using other producers such as Jim Jonsin and Rico Love, he expanded his sound more and the result was one of the finest southern albums to emerge in years. It’s only a matter of time before people as a whole stop snoozing on this cat.


The Grammy nominated emcee went hard in the paint with cuts like the TLC-assisted “Crooked Smile”, the wicked Kendrick collaborated “Forbidden Fruit” and his first single “Power Trip”. Recently certified platinum, Cole showed elevation and more insightful lyrics. Just short of the amazing route of 2021 Forest Hills Drive (again see later), this was a great album that has several reasons to wear out the repeat button.

By the end of the first year of the millennium, we were gifted with incredible albums like the aforementioned Like Water For Chocolate and Supreme Clientele. While those albums were acclaimed to classic status, one other album should’ve made in the same conversation.


For those of you unfamiliar with my bar exams, I am sharing all of my notes from my true first listen to the project. I provide in-depth thoughts and commentary on anything from flows, rhymes, beats, creative direction, track placement, and concepts.

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He decided to go back to was brought him his acclaim as one of the game’s premier lyricists and most intelligent emcees, as he showed on his phenomenal debut, Food & Liquor and his equally exceptional follow-up, The Cool. This album was a refreshing reminder of how incredible of a cat he can be when he doesn’t adhere to what the label wants and goes for what’s in his heart and mind.

Though the quintet’s debut album Ten was released a few months before fellow Seattle band Nirvana’s Nevermind, it didn’t become popular until after that album’s landmark success, and thus was unfairly written off by critics and listeners alike as a ripoff of the entire movement. Pearl Jam have since shown they are far from corporate cash-ins, evident in their boycott of Ticketmaster and relatively diverse body of work, but Ten is where the band’s journey began.


CAPTAIN BEYOND will likely appeal to fans of HAWKWIND, as they play a similar brand of psychedelic hard rock (albiet a bit heavier). Anyone who enjoyed Rod Evans' work with DEEP PURPLE would also do well to check out the band's first two albums. That said, they never made anything truly essential in one's prog collection, and because of this, people not into their style of music should stay away from them altogether.

Rat Scabies: A bit I suppose from watching your father act out of character. Then I would notice two or three hundred people surrounding him and I realized he must be saying something relevant. Being brought up with absolute freedom of speech and absolute openness in things. I was never a hippie, but just very aware of the moral high-ground the hippie movement was based on. Which I think came from the fifties beatnik ethic of having to redefine how we thought about ourselves as a species and the way we thought about our social situations. I think you can watch the evolution of that go through from medieval times. But as you get closer to now, you can see it accelerating. What was unacceptable twenty years ago is now a social norm and presumed to be acceptable.


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Although he had a fragile opinion of himself, one listen to Either/Or reveals him to be an exceptional talent. The album expanded his sound, intertwining his acoustic foundations with electric guitars, bass, keyboards and drums—all played by Smith.

His production was the stuff of prodigies in terms of sample flipping. This album explores everything from HBCUs (“School Spirit”) to poverty (“Never Let Me Down”) and religion (the breathtaking “Jesus Walks”) in such transparent realism. This is one of the genre’s most captivating debuts in any era and marked the rise of a star, with or without the Roc.


The cover alone was enough to make you be intrigued over this album. Albums like this are even more important in today’s generation.

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The newest star from the C-P-T had delivered an overall dope discography showing his talent and penchant for gangsta narratives, yet occasional honest vulnerabilities. At long last, he dropped the sequel to his classic debut and in a rare case, the sequel was every bit as good as the debut. This was so good, even breaking it into a double album didn’t stop its momentum. In fact, it’s possible this may be the most complete double album in over a decade in Hip Hop.


Dre has yet to drop an album as of this writing. However, Big Boi dropped his debut, Sir Lucious Leftfoot, and MAN did it deliver.

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While we were all waiting for over thirteen years for the lost album, Detox, it turned out the good doctor shelved it due to the fact he felt it was subpar. Ever the perfectionist, he started from scratch and we’re actually glad he did. This album was perhaps what Detox should’ve been.

Less itinerant trainhoppers and more Donner Partygoers eating themselves from toe all the way up to tongue, the frontier denizens of these fretted epics embrace contradiction as a condition of everyday life, chief among them a cramped emptiness channeled via Brock’s bark and the guitars’ white-line fever. The Lonesome Crowded West is far too digressive to qualify as punk, but too animalistic to be art-rock.


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The savior of the west coast after a fairly dormant few years throughout the late nineties was The Game. He dropped his exceptional debut, The Documentary, and the “game” was never the same.

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What it didn’t lack at all was the formula that made Face a legend to begin with: brutal honesty, gritty realism, and impeccable storytelling. This time, he adds all that with a strong sense of spirituality and redemption making this perhaps his most poignant release to date.


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At Christmas, everyone has a party where they wear an awful sweater near Costa Mesa and they were playing. So we started jamming and they got Paul Gray from the Damned who was our bassist at one time to play.